The ultimate purpose of Leapwell is to support our clients get to the next level.

We do this by establishing a strong working relationship into which we bring the relevant technical expertise and practical experience to enable the small changes that make a big difference.

This is what some of our clients have to say:

Chief of Staff, FTSE 350 financial services sector – “Richard was incredibly valuable as I navigated a new role as Chief of Staff, with a new CEO and as the business underwent a fundamental strategy review. Richard’s approach helps you conduct an objective review of your ability and your environment with focus and clarity, while equipping you with key exercises and tools to manage the complex modern work environment.  I found the hour sessions the most valuable of my month as it gave me a chance to break outside the work box and really consider what mattered before returning to the day job with renewed focus; the best bit was it felt like a friendly chat. The skills and approaches we developed together are applied frequently in my current role and I find I’m using the same methods to teach and develop my team.”

Chief Operating Officer, professional services organisation – “I had come to a life stage where I felt I had never really explored what I wanted my work life to look like and I was feeling less than satisfied/motivated.   It was around this time that I met with Richard and I really liked his warm and friendly approach. Richard helped me feel comfortable in talking about myself and exploring what I might want.  He pushes gently and always checked that I was comfortable with the direction the coaching was going. I began to feel confident in my opinion  and started to imagine a different future.  He approached each coaching session with some clear preparation and ideas about how we could explore further.  It was great to have someone who listened intently and helped me to explore my own needs and wants. Since completing my coaching with Richard I have had the confidence to move into a freelance role for a number of companies – which is helping me get some balance in my life and is proving to be very rewarding. I’d highly recommend Richard – his approach is both professional and empathic.”

Queen’s Counsel, barristers’ chambers – “I have known Richard for over 6 years. He has a vast wealth of experience in personal growth and empowerment and has undertaken substantial facilitation and coaching training. I have appreciated that he has a great gift of both attentive facilitation and razor like precision. In my experience he brings considerable understanding and maturity. I have worked with him in group and one to one settings and have found him to be the most effective of coaches/facilitators both in my personal and professional life.”

Managing Director, leadership consultancy – “I have been working with Richard for 6 months. I work in the same personal development profession as Richard and it is rare that we develop ourselves because we are so focused on developing others. It is always great therefore to get some coaching for yourself. I have worked with many coaches in different capacities over the years and Richard stands out as exceptional. Why? Because he is not putting sticking plasters over things but very gently and empathetically gets to the heart of the issue. He has a deep understanding of the business world having been a fund manager and therefore worked with CEOs and senior stakeholders, he is not afraid to speak truth to power. Richard takes you on a deep journey, which is hugely empowering and he does it with kindness, understanding, and integrity.”

Head of Corporate Communications, global asset manager – “I have worked with Richard for several months now. Having had a successful career on the buy-side, and in financial institutions generally, he has an intuitive sense and understanding of what it means to operate in such an environment at all levels. He is an excellent listener and is highly skilled at getting to the heart of the matter and enabling me to form solutions and make changes in the workplace. In doing so it has allowed me to perform far more effectively and approach situations or problems in a far more authentic and calm manner. In essence, I have developed new thought processes that lead to good decisions. It’s hard to put a high enough value on his work.”

Head of Legal and Compliance, global investment bank – “Richard helped me identify and learn to manage certain characteristics that made life more difficult in a high pressured eleven year career as head of a department at a global investment bank. When the time came to move on, he helped me review my strengths, weaknesses and preferences in order to figure out the type of role and organization that would suit me best. Richard has a warm and matter of fact style that made it easy to establish a good working relationship. His own experience as a leader and his broad knowledge of the financial services industry adds to his credibility as an adviser. Despite hearing a few tough truths during our sessions, I thoroughly enjoyed working with him and continue to use the lessons I learned on a daily basis.”

Founder and Managing Partner, corporate finance boutique – “Richard is an outstanding coach. I have worked with other similarly experienced coaches previously and he sits at the top table. I benefited hugely from my coaching sessions with him – the self-analysis and renewed focus on self-awareness; the insight and support to work out the best ways to adapt and continue to learn; the challenge and excellent partnership. Richard’s own significant business leadership skills and success shine through in his understanding of and ability to articulate the challenges faced by senior business leaders: at work and, interestingly, at home – a factor I had not anticipated. He is exceptionally skilled. This, alongside his well-structured and holistic approach means that if you are looking to take your own development to the next level, Richard should be, at the very least, in the (very) short list of coaches you should consider.”


Our Clients