Leapwell works with CEOs, CFOs, other members of the main board or executive committee and their direct reports at organisations ranging from Pharma to FinTech, global giants to start-ups, and publicly listed companies to not-for-profits.

Clients are also those operating at senior levels in financial or professional service firms, such as partners, managing directors, heads of regional or functional domains and those who aspire to these roles.

Clients often seek a long-term dialogue for support and guidance about day-to-day matters and also when there is a particularly significant change or challenge.

Examples of these types of situation include:

At the company level:

  • material corporate events such as M&A, fundraising or IPO
  • board changes or new company ownership
  • complex engagements with key stakeholders
  • missed expectations and pressure to turn things round
  • looking to improve board/team effectiveness
  • optimising the start-up and scale-up phases of the company lifecycle
  • preparing for a business sale and/or owner exit

At the personal level:

  • preparing for succession that brings broader leadership responsibilities
  • after a promotion that requires new approaches for success
  • women seeking to accelerate their career progression
  • in transition and wanting to reflect and assess future options
  • optimising the success of an interview process
  • making an impact on arrival in a new organisation
  • managing the personal issues that can impact professional performance

The common theme is that all clients recognise that partnership with an experienced and independent advisor supports better personal performance and business outcomes.


Our Clients